Archiving Stewart

You can find out more about Stewart in the following archives.

Stewart’s commerical work, drawings, cartoons, ephemera and almost ten years of correspondence between him and Charlotte Cooper has been archived at the Bishopsgate Institute. Anybody can visit the archive and have a look at his work for free.

Before Stonewall: A Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgendered Oral History is the project in which I interviewed Stewart. The link takes you to the British Library catalogue for the whole project, which features over 100 video interviews with older LGBT people. The original interview tapes are lodged at the Screen Archive South East. You can go and watch any of the interviews but you will have to contact the librarians and archivists to locate his tape.

The Imperial War Museum holds an account written in June 1998 by Stewart of his experiences fighting during World War II. Stewart also gave me a copy of this account, which you can right-click to download and read (.pdf, 33mb).