About the project

Stewart’s Paintings began in 2013 as a project to honour my friend Stewart Irwin and disseminate for free twenty pieces of art amongst queer community in the UK. I did this to get his beautiful work out in the world; to generate a feeling of queer cultural heritage, lineage, genealogy, inheritance and kinship; and to mess with art world values.

As time went on, more work was added to the site and the project became an archive of Stewart’s work as well as a commentary on archiving queer lives.

Many thanks to Stewart, his family and friends. Extra thanks to James. Deepest thanks to Azem William for laying the foundations of this beautiful website. Thanks to Kay Hyatt and Simon Murphy for helping to take the pictures. Finally, thanks to all who have supported this project, especially Bishopsgate Institute.

Charlotte Cooper
London, UK
March 2015