Own a painting

Please note that all paintings have been allocated for now.

You can own one of Stewart’s paintings. Here’s how:

1. Be queer and be in the UK. Define that however you please.

2. Choose a painting. Only one. Do not do this flippantly, part of the choosing will involve making a solemn vow to cherish and display it, to have some kind of connection to it, to honour Stewart’s memory and intergenerational queer community more generally.

3. Contact me and tell me why you want the painting.

4. I will decide if you can have the painting and we will work out a handover and/or postage details. The paintings are free, but you will have to cover postage costs.

5. When you get the painting, take a picture of it on display, and perhaps yourself too, and send it to me so that I can put it on the website. This is an important part of the project, please don’t slack off. If you feel moved to say anything more about the painting, or make your own art in relation to the painting that I can put on the website, that’s even better. Send me an update about the painting from time to time, and I will publish that too.

6. You will now be the custodian of one of Stewart’s paintings. Please make some plans about who might take it on it after you’ve gone. Think about bequeathing the work to an appropriate archive, for example. If you no longer want to be its owner, you are welcome to return the painting to me at any time and I will arrange an alternative home for it.

7. Please do not deface, customise, ‘improve’ or sell the painting.