The paintings

These 20 paintings are what were left of Stewart’s body of work after his family and friends took what they wanted when he died. They are acrylic on board, small to medium-sized, some are framed by the artist. The earliest painting is from 1986, and the latest from 2006, although seven of the paintings are undated. He also left a number of drawings and smaller works, which are not part of this project.

They are fairly representative of the kind of painting he was doing over the last 20–30 years or so, although the palette here is a lot more subdued than his work more generally. They give the impression that he was a gloomy man, and he often was, but his art was predominantly playful and bright.

You can see some of the themes that he came back to, again and again: lighthouses, craggy-looking trees, cartoonish figures, angular 1960s shapes, a delicate use of flat colour, mythical creatures, abstracts based on Native American imagery, bodies of water, cottages, whimsy, nature.

The paintings don’t have names, the titles here were given by Azem William, who built the website. I decided to keep them because they are lovely and probably would have tickled Stewart.

Here are some pictures of Stewart in his studio, upstairs in his house, taken in 2008. You can see the painting named ‘beige and grey’ on this site in one of the photographs.


Here is a little film of the 20 final paintings in my garden, Stewart’s last show.