trees on a lake


Glenn is the new custodian of this painting. He says:

“After much consideration, the painting that I connect with most is ‘Trees on a lake’. Melancholy is always a magnet for me, especially when colours are dim and the feeling of isolation is strong. This work takes me back to the years I lived in Cambridge. I made occasional forays into the fens, drawn by the bleak beauty, and yet would always feel lonely there. I didn’t know much about myself, so didn’t feel confident to share with many other people. The kernel of queer was asserting itself! This painting depicts the landscape to which I would resort when I wanted to think about identity. But I usually came back even more morose, with nothing sorted out. I would have to wait for Tuesday – gay disco at Tracy’s Night Spot. I would be delighted to give this picture a home, and it would have good neighbours on my walls.”

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