the white tower


Anna has become the custodian of this painting. She says:

“The piece which really speaks to me and which I connect with and would love a chance to be guardian of is The White Tower. I’m a counsellor & psychotherapist and it speaks to me of someone having a solid tower of strength there, yet casting their net out into the unknown, possibly turbulent waters, whilst still knowing their stable place of therapy behind them, guiding them with light, warning them of the pitfalls, but being there as a constant regardless.”

Anna has chosen to display the painting in her therapy room “with the pride it deserves! I promise I will cherish it and will explain it’s significance and all about Stewart to any of my clients who ask. I also have several LGBTQ art students as clients, so they will love to know the piece’s roots, and I’m sure they’ll all draw strength from it.”

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