the mushroom


Esteban and Lawrence have claimed this painting. They say:

“We were really moved by the story behind this project and the relationship between Stewart and Charlotte but did not initially intend to ask to be custodians of a painting. We changed our mind when we saw them though, we thought they were beautiful.

There seems to be a thread of melancholy to his work and we most liked the paintings where is this is evident. Having said that, we both had to go with The Mushroom for the simple reason that it made us laugh and reminded us of some great times we’d both had as kids… and as adults.

We’re looking for a new home this year and will give The Mushroom pride of place in it. We’ll make sure this great little painting and Stewart’s memory live on and ensure its passed on in time to someone who loves it as much as we do. But hopefully not for a long while yet though!”

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