Corinna and Becky are the custodians of this painting. Corinna writes:

“We’d seen Stewart’s paintings on Charlotte and Simon’s walls and been really moved by them. Moved seems to be an inadequate or trite word, but it is apt. There’s something quite hypnotic and intriguing about Stewart’s work that keeps you engaged. There is a definite mood about them. When we saw the paintings that were left, we fell in love with quite a few but in the end it was no contest: we would like ‘Natasha’ to live with us. We are part of a queer arts group called The Ethel Mermaids. We produce art as well as greatly appreciate it in all its forms, celebrating and championing queer art. So Stewart’s work is perfect for the Ethel Mermaids’ ethos. We love Natasha’s wild, tree-like hair, her mysterious physique and her mosaic tail. There is something very emblematic about this image and whilst it is slightly different to the paintings that we were previously familiar with, it has the haunting, delightfulness of Stewart’s work.”

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