three birds


Az is the new owner of this painting. He says:

“All the work that Charlotte has put into this project is a beautiful expression of love and friendship. I would be proud to have this painting on my wall and share the wonderful story behind it with anybody who visits my home. I cherish things that friends have made for me and enjoy sharing things I’ve made with other people. I love the idea that through this project, Stewart’s work is shared and cherished by a group of new friends, wider than the network of friends he had when he was alive. People who would have enjoyed meeting him and whom he would have found interesting to meet too.

The painting with the three birds instantly appealed to me because the birds look like they’re talking to eachother and I love imagining conversations between animals, and animals and people. The colours are also really lovely.”

Here’s the painting at home on Azem’s wall:

Three Birds at home on Azem's wall

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