the grey cottage

IMG_5150“Pearl: I like it because it’s very heavy on the browns. It’s got this bottom-heavy look and these rackety rocks that sit low and heavy on the ground. The roof is tied down.

Charlotte: I only just noticed there’s a guy in the painting and Kay wondered if there’s somebody giving him a blow job on the other side of the wall, perhaps.

Pearl: It could be! His hat’s still on though, it seems a little bit rude to get a blow job without taking your hat off. You’d think you’d take off your cap, wouldn’t you! You know? I mean there must be an etiquette to getting blow jobs behind dry stone walls. I don’t know where it is and I can’t see the true colours [we’re looking at the painting in the dark] but I like these whites because it reminds me of some painting that I can’t really remember, maybe a Ruscha, sort of a… oh god I can’t remember, not Gorky(?), anyway, I like that. So yeah, I think it’s a very earthy painting. I can’t wait to see it in the daylight to see what kind of a look that guy has on his face.

That shape there looks like maybe this wall used to be…

Charlotte: It looks like it could be a shed or something.

Pearl: Yeah. Anyway, I think Stewart has done an amazing kind of super-realism thing with these stones. And then this part, that almost looks like Jackson Pollock drips doesn’t it? So I think I’m going to really love having it. Thank you, and thank you Stewart.”

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