the spikey blob


Debi and Nat have claimed this painting. Debi writes:

“Nat a I wanted to ask if we could become the custodians of one of the paintings – we would like to request the ‘Spikey Blob’ painting. This may be because at the moment we are both pre-menstrual, there is a moon-like shape in the back ground of the painting and we both feel a bit like spikey blobs.

On a wider theme, the issue of creating intergenerational queer communities of memory is very important to me, and I would feel honoured to be part of a project which is doing that. I found the description of your relationship very moving, which conveyed the amazing power of oral history projects to create memories that celebrate the awkward wonder of people and the relationships we have. I am also attracted to the project because it demonstrates care for memory, and invites questions of how we value art, friendship, our communities and people who dead and alive across the fragmented and often fraught terrain of queer lives.

On a practical level, we have plenty of empty walls in our flat that would be graced by one of Stewart’s paintings. I also have good connections local archives and experience of making deposits, should the moment come when this needs to happen.”

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