Beware Your Dreams by Charlotte Cooper, DIVA, December 2014.

Let’s Talk About Homosexual Death Drive Baby by Len Lukowski, Messed Up Music, 19 November 2014.

Queer as Smoke by Charlotte Richardson Andrews, NME, October 2014.

Superfan Harry Giles tweets the Sunshine EP launch: “HOLY SHIT. THIS IS INCREDIBLE. AND TERRIFYING. Srsly, I’m having a terrible day & this is the best & most strengthening thing I can imagine listening to right now. Thank you.”

Moderated comments for The Temple of the Butthole video: ray iles: “the fuck did i just watch” 20 July 2014; John Connah: “t-this is a joke right” 18 July 2014; dirtpipedan: “The fuck is wrong with you?” 12 April 2014.

An interview with Homosexual Death Drive by Charlotte Richardson Andrews 20 January 2014

Charlotte Cooper talks about Homosexual Death Drive at the Class Out of the Closet symposium convened by Outburst/Queens University Belfast, 23 November 2013.

Maximum Rocknroll Monday Photo Blog: Pawel Haraszkiewicz 2 September 2013.

“Some groups have names so good it’s almost not worth blurbing them. But then some bands aren’t really bands, so much as they are (self-described) ‘Dykes. Fat. Old’…amateurish, no-fi… one of their influences is tampon information leaflets… the only thing I could find on youtube was a song called the temple of butthole… one of their number writes ENTIRELY AWESOME fat activist literature and bemoans the absence of working class voices… in short, they’re exactly the sort of group for whom, if ANY of those words make you uncomfortable then you really need to be watching because they’re clearly the best thing ever, EVER.”
Supernormal (2013) ‘Homosexual Death Drive’, [online], available:

Queercore U Kno The Score: She Said Boom – The Story Of Fifth Column by Melissa Steiner 11 April 2013.

Rauzier, V. (2012) ‘Queercore: Fearless Women’ in Downes, J., ed. Women Make Noise: Girl Bands from Motown to the modern, Twickenham: Supernova Books, 238-258.

My fat queer band gets a Spanish outing by Charlotte Cooper, 29 February 2012.

Interviewed by Andrew Milk for Future Nature zine, 2011

Interviewed by Fiona Ledgard for the The Anything Goes Breakfast Show, 21 July 2011

Fan art by Corinna Tomrley, 2011

Xmas card by Bill Savage/Francis Ray White, 2010

Egg diorama by Bill Savage/Francis Ray White, 2010

Bananagram by Bill Savage/Francis Ray White, Kayisgay and Donna Savage, 2010