Poundbury Etude, a mini track, is available at 58.15 or thereabouts on the podcast Move Under Yr Own Power #1 which accompanies a zine of the same name. April 2016.

Our first EP, released in 2014, is available to order via It’s called Sunshine because some of our songs mention sunshine. We know what we mean by it, it’s sort of malevolent and fucked-up, but we can’t quite explain other than by singing it. Sunshine features three terrific tracks: the title song is an up-tempo number of abuse, survival and ambivalence; Theme is an anti-social chant about rabbits and heteronormativity; Dead is a queer hymn of death and living. Andrew Milk painted us, Kay drew the logos and the download comes with a beautifully designed insert by Simon Murphy.

Our track, The Temple of the Butthole, inspired by Gayle Rubin’s ethnography of AIDS and a legendary San Francisco fisting club, appears exclusively in the Carry On Rioting compilation, released by Tuff Enuff Records, Brighton, March 2013.

The Things We Play by Charlotte for the Scumbag zine, 2012.

Beautiful Girls .mp3, performed at Sauna, 6 October 2011, recorded by Simon Murphy.