Simon Murphy’s Homosexual Death Drive Flickr set, our most complete collection of live photographs.

Patrice Aggs' picture of our Homo Death Drive

Competition winner Patrice Aggs’ impression of our Homo Death Drive, November 2014

Car with flags

To mark the launch of Sunshine, we took a pair of competition winners on a Homosexual Death Drive to a mystery location in Kay’s car, which we decorated with special HDD flags. 22 November 2014

Working out a set list

Original artwork by Andrew Mïlk

The shorts

Merch table at Beacon’s festival, 2014

A pretty picture by Schwarz, 2013

Royals under attack, 2011

Recording Sunshine with James Swatton, 2011





Spurting cock tabard, 2013

Our main instruments

Kay practises her showbiz

Sometimes we have a slideshow when we perform. Here is the latest version: Homosexual Death Drive slides